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Never Again Publishing

An independent book publisher and book seller

Formed in 2017 as a vehicle for the creation and distribution of a definitive pictorial record of the activities of the MNA in the 1960s, highlighting their efforts in capturing on film the last years of British steam railway operation. This project culminated in the issue of Never Again – The Complete Works, a massive 4-part work running to 1034 pages. All 1,000 copies sold out within a few weeks of publication.

Our titles

Never Again – The Complete Works was produced entirely in-house by the members of the MNA. Only the printing was out-sourced. Following rave reviews and a complete sell-out of the first print run, we offered a reprint of this unique record of the MNA’s activities in the last years of British Railways steam operation. After another successful sell-out run, this book is no longer available to order. Click on the book cover for more details.

Having obtained the necessary knowledge and experience of producing a book from scratch, Never Again Publishing decided to increase its repertoire, the next publication being West Riding Steam, authored by one of its members, Derek Huntriss, and featuring previously unpublished work by MNA activist Gerry Dixon. Full details can be found by clicking on the book cover.