Publication Date – The Quest for Perfection

The design and compilation of “Never Again” was completed on schedule in August, after nearly ten years’ work, during which time we have sought to ensure that quality is paramount – reflecting our ethos back in the day when we were taking the photographs in the first place, some 50+ years ago.

So at every stage we have been careful to ensure that everything is done to a high standard; and those of you that have seen extracts or early proofs (e.g. on our website, or in the railway press, or on our stall at Kidderminster) will no doubt agree.

However, during the proofing checks, a number of issues arose which we have referred back to the printer (perhaps this is no surprise in four volumes and over one thousand pages!)

These are now sorted, but the time taken to review and deal with these issues was a little longer than anticipated.

As a result, the planned publication date is now expected to be towards the end of October. We apologise for this unavoidable slippage in our schedule, and we do hope that you will understand, as our over-riding intention is to maintain top quality throughout.