‘Never Again’ printing commences

After a tremendous amount of discussion with our printer during the past two months we have now achieved a technical solution that presents all images to a very high standard and we are very satisfied with the results.

Achieving the highest possible quality has always been our objective and we hope that all those that have purchased ‘Never Again’ will acknowledge the importance of getting the final product to the required standard, albeit with a slight delay to the publishing schedule.

The final version of ‘Never Again’ has been submitted to the printer in electronic form, and we have been advised that the books will be delivered to our UK distribution centre in Wolverhampton in early December.

We will commence distribution from 10th December, but please bear in mind we have several hundred copies already ordered. Rest assured we will do our utmost to get them all dispatched as quickly as possible.

We will be using Parcelforce as our delivery agent, please note that all deliveries need to be signed for on receipt.