Proofs and Timescale

Proof copies of all four volumes of Never Again have been produced, ready for editing and proof-reading.

The timescale for the remaining stages of producing Never Again is:

announce price – 14th June 2018

e-commerce facility added to this website – June 2018

orders available at discounted price (must be ordered and paid) – by 31st July 2018

orders revert to full price – 1st August 2018 onwards

printing – August 2018

book distribution – September 2018 onwards

Any changes to this timescale will be announced here.

Never Again Volume 4

Never Again Volume 4 will run to 240 pages and cover the final months of steam, including sections on Buxton, Chinley and the Derbyshire Peaks, a return visit to Copy Pit, and of course the events of Spring and Summer 1968 which marked the very end of British Rail main-line steam operation, plus an account of the MNA’s engine cleaning activities.

Over half of this volume is devoted to personal accounts of how the various MNA members came to be involved in steam railway photography and recounts some of their early exploits.

Never Again Volume 3

Never Again Volume 3 is in large part devoted to the events of 1967, as British Rail steam operation started to draw to a close. It includes accounts of the swan song of the Jubilees, the end of steam working over Shap and Ais Gill, plus steam in the north-east of England, and the stories behind some of the most iconic steam locomotive pictures of the era. Volume 3 will total 256 pages.

Never Again Volume 2

Never Again Volume 2 includes comprehensive coverage of the last years of steam operation in Central Scotland, featuring main lines and branch lines, and much-loved locomotive classes such as the A3 and A4 Pacifics. At the other geographical extreme, the demise of Southern steam is extensively chronicled. Wales and the Welsh Borders are not forgotten, with articles on the Cambrian Coast Express and the Shrewsbury – Birkenhead route. A total of 272 pages.

Never Again Volume 1

Never Again Volume 1 opens with coverage of the MNA’s Midland Roots, and goes on to cover their early exploits over a huge area of UK geography, including Beattock and the West Coast Mainline, the Waverley Route, the Somerset and Dorset, South West Scotland, and the North of England, ending with accounts of the last V2 run in Scotland and the end of the Cromford and High Peak line. Volume 1 runs to 256 pages of words and stunning pictures.