It’s a sell-out……again!

Last chance……………..

And the good news is……………

‘West Riding Steam’ approaches publication

Coming soon………

It’s a sell-out – but some individual volumes are still available – and we are considering a reprint.

Further progress

Progress with orders

Orders placed in June

Sellout approaches

March 30th, 2018

Progress to date

Our website, launched in October 2017, was an immediate hit, with large numbers of people registering an interest in Never Again.

It has not proved practical to reply individually (although everyone registering an interest should have received an acknowledgment). But we can assure everyone who asked us to reserve a copy that we will do that.

Never Again is currently in the final stages of compilation; it now runs to around 1,000 pages and will be published as a boxed set in four volumes.

Publication is anticipated to be in Summer 2018. This is of course 50 years after the end of regular British Rail standard gauge steam operation.

A lot of you have enquired about the price. This has yet to be set; but, whatever the final price, we will be offering a substantial discount to purchasers who order and pay for Never Again in advance of the launch. Full details will be available soon.

We will be adding an ‘e-commerce’ facility to the website so you can purchase on-line; in addition there will be the opportunity to purchase via selected retail outlets and possibly at some of the heritage railways in the UK.

As the publication date approaches we will be putting some sample pages online to give a taste of what Never Again contains. In the meantime, this page contains some images of the front and back covers of the various volumes.

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