Never Again - Encore

‘Never Again - Encore'.........

further episodes in the story of the activities of the members of the MNA, an enigmatic organisation dedicated to capturing the final years of British main line steam railway operation on film, available in a stunning three-volume boxed set, featuring yet more of the finest examples of the railway photographer's art, seen through the lenses of some of the best-ever exponents of that art.

A publication written and produced by the MNA

this is a record of their activities in those halcyon days, told through words and pictures recreating the last few years of British Railways steam operation.

Never Again – Encore, the first of two new box sets, is a three-volume collection showcasing much more of our photographic work. These three volumes feature a varied mix of locomotive types, regional locations, interesting and unusual workings and of course, a stunning selection of ‘Master Shots’….!

Throughout the three volumes of Never Again – Encore we have provided expanded captions and added considerable supporting text to many of the photographs. In many cases we have been able to put the photographs into context and described in some detail the events that enabled us to capture these images. We hope that this will add to the pleasure readers will get as a result.

Going further back in time has enabled us to include many locations that eventually fell under the Beeching axe in the early 1960s, also locomotive types that were withdrawn and scrapped as a result of the 1955 modernisation plan to rid Great Britain of steam traction.

In Volume Five we re-visit The Waverley Route. For the members of The MNA a very special route and location, set in the heart of the Cheviots. Also in Volume Five we are sure that readers will enjoy the final years of steam working between London Paddington, Birmingham Snow Hill and Wolverhampton Low level, and in particular the sight of the prestigious expresses headed by the King Class locomotives that were finally withdrawn in September 1962.

A portfolio of photos, mostly from Paul Claxton‘s collection, of the huge array of special workings on all three routes into and out of Blackpool during the early 1960s, is also featured in Volume Five.

Without doubt Carlisle was a ‘Mecca’ for the steam enthusiast with intense activity for much of the day. It was a locomotive change-over location, which added to the intensity of movements on its very limited three through platform roads. Volume Six starts with a showcase of steam workings around the station, its approaches and a wide range of shots taken in and around the locomotive depots.

The Glasgow – Aberdeen route featured large in the lives of many enthusiasts drawn to the location between 1962 and 1966, when the A4 Pacifics had a new lease of life working the accelerated services between these two Scottish cities. We visited the route to photograph and ride these trains so many times and enjoy the thrill of speed, sometimes on the footplate.

Volume Seven features the end of steam on the Great Northern route between London Kings Cross and Doncaster. The big ex-LNER Pacifics, whether at the head of a prestigious Anglo-Scottish express or being serviced at the famous Kings Cross ‘Top Shed’, were an impressive sight, as many of the photographs in this section portray.

Over one hundred pages are devoted to the Preston – Carlisle section of the West Coast Main Line and in particular the climbs to Grayrigg and Shap summits. We were fortunate that steam still had a significant presence right up until the end of 1967 and we were able to capture so much of the drama of steam amongst these famous northern fells in all weathers.

The Isle of Wight with its ancient passenger rolling stock and the delightful Adams O2 tank engines was a jewel in the dying days of steam around the UK. A sixteen page feature captures wonderfully the idyllic days of steam on the island.

Volume seven concludes with a visit to the heartland of the MNA, Birmingham and The Black country. A region of the country where many of us grew up and made our first forays to photograph steam at the line-side in stations and in the many engine sheds spread across the area.

Here is a selection of accolades we have received for Encore

"As with "Never Again" the photos are fantastic and these will be books to lift the spirits."

"These books are collectors items in their own right, and are up there with the best railway photo albums ever published."

"Once again the photos are stunning and evoke so many memories. The photo’s taken on the West Coast and S & C lines capture the feeling and atmosphere of the time so well let alone showing parts our industrial history now all sadly lost, and certainly more than any written words could tell."

"You all deserve a medal for bringing our childhood activities back to life in such a stunning way."

"What a wonderful collection of images - and the occasional splash of colour really lifts the black and white imaging into a higher plane…….Well done (again) to the Master Neverers!"

"Simply superb."

"These are superb books. the best I have in my collection."

"Well done to all, can't wait for the finale set."

"Absolutely stunning set of books…….and still the finale to follow!"

"The B/W photographs are stunning in every detail & bring back memories when I was a train spotter. I think you have brought the pictures to life even more with the text accompanying them."

"The books are amazing. I have a particular interest in the Waverley Route and there are some brilliant photos that have never been seen before."

"It’s another one in the back of the net lads. As a comparison with the original volumes the subject matter is often less glamorous and the cameras sometimes less sophisticated. What does not change is the passion and dedication that jumps off every page. You were all slightly barmy back then, and hopefully you still are."

"Terrific stuff."

"Today I received Your parcel with the Bookset 'Never again - Encore'. Again, it was packed professionally, so the Bookset was in mint condition. Again, the images were of excellent quality."

"Never Again - Encore have been reviewed; page by page. It is truly outstanding and is everything I thought it would be. The dedication to "getting the shot" I do understand so every photograph in those volumes is appreciated very much. The quality of the printing and binding are also Top Link!"

"To me they are a treasure."

"Another lovely production, full of absolutely top notch photographs from a top link team of photographers. Just gorgeous. I’m enjoying all of it but especially the Waverley Route images…I have such a biting sense off regret that I missed seeing it…much like the S&D"

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