Book arrived this morning, looked at Volume one,  "Out of this World. - Well worth the wait"
'Never Again' landed safe & sound this morning, I have been almost afraid of opening it all day!!! But having had my dinner, washed up, put the kettle on and relaxed into the garden room, I have just unpacked it and taken a first tentative!! It looks absolutely fantastic, I think I might just put it away and visit it again on Christmas Day, but the presentation and quality is second to none. Many, many thanks to you all for producing such an amazing body of work.
A wonderfully "Heavy" surprise greeted me when I went into work yesterday. What can I say? The best £100 I have ever spent? Total respect to you and the whole of the gang. The best Railway books I have by far, (I have a few) Totally emotional, they have given me what I missed. 1967 sorted! Thank you so very much. Another "Never" I will never carry this weight in my back pack again, thank God I had one.
Having just opened my box and had a very quick flip through, I can only say to anyone was hesitant about ordering these - you had no need to worry. Absolutely top drawer quality.
Just a quick e-mail to say that my set of the 4 Books, has arrived safely. They are superb, and a great credit to all the hard work that you and the rest of the group must have put in. They will make a great Christmas present to myself, and bring back loads of happy memories of faraway days.
I have just seen a friends copy of the book - it’s absolutely brilliant!
I’ve received my copy of Never Again today. Parcelforce work on the Sabbath! All I can say is wow! This is a seminal work, much beyond the normal fare. For me turning each page is an emotional experience so God only knows how you guys feel. Truly exceptional. Be very, very proud.
The best Railway Book I have ever seen, and I already have 130. The double page shots are stunning, and all I need to now is to strengthen the shelves
Dear MNA
, after a long wait I have just taken delivery of my boxed set.
Worth the wait? Yes, yes and yes again.
Just glancing through volume one I am astounded not only at the content but the quality of the photographs.
In all my fifty plus years of buying books this takes front runner and I envisage many happy hours of reading.
Congratulations to all involved in producing a masterpiece.

Thank you.
Masterful, after this I will never need to buy another railway book the shots are bang on, what camera was Dave Lacey using for the 4F shot it was so sharp I have cut my figures looking at it.
Many thanks for the book 'Never Again - The Complete Works'. It is truly an outstanding book, possibly the best-ever railway photography book, and I do not say that lightly. There are many special elements to these four volumes not least it includes the most complete collection of one of the most innovative railway photographers of all time Paul Riley who lived life and took photography to the maximum and sadly ultimately gave his life too.

• Rare for great writing and mastershots

• I should have ordered 2 months ago when I got the information--four volumes. MNA stuff has been all over the Brit steam hobby press this year and it is stunning. I likely missed out.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

• I have found myself enjoying the stories as much as the pics
I have just received my copy of the Never Again compendium. Wow - what a collection! I never thought I'd say it, but this sits way above Decline of Steam and Each a Glimpse. I am genuinely stunned. Superb, brilliant - congratulations. Above all, leafing through those pages, It instantly takes me right back to the 1960s. What a remarkable epitaph to the final days...
Just got mine and I have to say it’s stunning ... some of the colour stuff is beyond belief."

- Mick
 I just had to drop you a line re the MNA collection books.

I have quite an extensive collection of railway books, mainly centred around the locomotives I am involved with and the routes they ran on. In the 1960s I was at school and then started work and so by 1967/68 I and friends had transport to get to the North to see the end of steam. We visited many of the places pictured in the volumes. Lostock Hall, Patricroft, Heaton Mersey, Buxton, Carnforth.  We must have come across you chaps many times without knowing it. We spent whole weekends travelling day and night for week after week.

I also recall the music at the time, which of course was on constantly as we travelled to sheds and locations. So today, whenever I hear, Kinks, Rolling Stones, Beatles numbers it brings back those halcyon days we loved. Your compendium of books has recalled so many memories for me. The photographs are absolutely outstanding and now extensively record for the first time all these years later, and for ever, the last few years of steam as well of course as the endeavours of the MNA.  Just Brilliant.

In the words of the late Derek Cross when he was describing the Duchesses final days, there are not enough superlatives in the English language to adequately describe the Princess Coronation Locomotives. I feel this use of the English language summarises the MNA compendium perfectly.

Steam enthusiasts who remember the end of steam will be forever in your and the MNAs debt. Very well done to everyone of you. I will forever treasure these volumes and this is my best Christmas present ever !!!!!!!!!!

I would appreciate it if you can pass this on to all those involved.

A week on from taking delivery, I am still coming to terms with this publication.  I always thought it would be good, and my high expectation has been exceeded beyond that which I thought possible.  It has taken a week to read most of the first of the four volumes, and what a journey it has been!

  It would be easy to comment on the splendid images and the exquisite reproduction, but this work is so much more.  The time and effort expended must have been enormous, and this extends to the composition that has been so well thought through.  The care that has been lavished is impressive, and the publication team should be extremely proud with the result.  The sub-chapters that comprise a main chapter display a refreshing approach resulting in a good format.  And the physical aspect of the format is also good, at 11" x 11".  The text, written by different members of the MNA, is apposite, entertaining and informative.  The captions are imaginatively written giving additional pertinent information, and free from the tired format so prevalent these days. 

I could go on but will conclude by saying this is a magnificent celebration of the final years of BR steam and a fine tribute to the staff of BR and the MNA who ensured it ended in style.   I am sure the remaining three volumes will be enjoyable to read and look forward to looking at them again in the years to come.

This publication is exceptionally good value for money, and at the pre-publication offer price represents a true bargain. 

Finally, I thank the members of the MNA for having the foresight to produce this publication.     
Finally, have been to the office and collected the Never Again boxed set. Have to say I am utterly bowled over by it. While I’ve only had a chance for a quick glance due to deadlines, your team has put together a first-class photographic book combined with personal stories, anecdotes and many excellent photographs. The inclusion of individuals, your cars and other non-railway scenes adds to its appeal, and while I only saw the working proofs at our meeting, I knew this book would be something special.  What I also like is the printing. B&W images have depth, are punchy and serve as a reminded in an age now dominated by colour, just how evocative and how much impact a good B&W can have. 

Many congratulations to all of you for completing this masterpiece. My plan is to enjoy reading it over the Christmas hols, once the magazine has gone to press on Tuesday. Will aim to get a review in the February issue.

Best wishes and a Happy Christmas to you.
Having received my copy a couple of days ago I would just like to offer my sincere congratulations for such a wonderful publication. I was but 8 years old when BR steam came to an end and can only just remember seeing it in action, but I have had a lifelong love of railways in general since being taken to watch trains in my pushchair by my late mother (apparently all I ever wanted to go to see!)

 This collection of books has provided an insight into a lost world. What a fantastic chronicle of the lives and times of some real characters and the extraordinary efforts they went to and magnificent photographs they produced to record scenes we shall never see again. A fitting tribute to the men and machines. Thank you.
All received earlier in the week - have so far only glanced through some of the books and read properly a part of vol 1 but have to say well done. Brings back many memories and some outstanding photography. Thanks again with best wishes for Christmas and 2019.
Just a line to say thank you so much for Never Again - my husband is well chuffed  - I'm so glad that I  kept telling him to be patient! 
 My set of the four 'Never Again' volumes has now been safely delivered and, although I have barely begun to explore the riches on offer, it is immediately evident that this publication has scaled new, and probably unsurpassable, heights. The quality of production does fitting honour to the superb skill and devotion of the original photographers. It is a magnificent achievement and I salute everybody who has brought the project to such a triumphant conclusion.

 These volumes will afford many hours, indeed years, of deeply rewarding contemplation. Their pages contain much that is personal for one who, between the ages of 13 and 15, shared some of these very same sights, and for whom the memories have always remained fresh. I, too, saw 'Sturdee' with the Thames-Clyde relief on 23 March 1967 (at Carlisle); was just in time to catch the last J27s at Blyth and Sunderland, and spent a bitterly cold day at Tebay, just after Christmas 1967 - ending by catching up with 70004, held at an empty Keswick bay platform at Penrith...

 Your book brings all this back, with so much more besides. My special thanks for the section on the Woodburn branch. I still have one of John Hunt's original bromides of 65855 at Scots Gap? (bought at a NELPG meeting in the Bridge Hotel, price 2s6d?), and it is thrilling now to discover so many other new images of that uniquely wonderful line. I really cannot thank you all enough. Well done!
The books have arrived and are BRILLIANT.
I received my copy of "Never Again" yesterday. What can I say. It is absolutely brilliant. Awe inspiring, and some of the finest photographs I have ever seen. So evocative! Well worth the money I spent on it. Would you please convey my congratulations to everyone concerned with this publication.

Many thanks, (One VERY satisfied customer)
Thank arrived safe and sound...and the 4 books look TOP quality (both pictures and prose)!
Dear Sirs we have RECEIVED our books and are thrilled to bits!! Thank You very much and we can't wait to get reading them! Brilliant.
Received yesterday with thanks! The best railway book I have ever bought; seriously. Delighted to see such superb quality pictures and recollections of those golden years. It really is a work of art and I am so pleased to own a copy. Thank you all for letting us share your marvellous memories.
Well, I was expecting the Never Again compendium to be good but having just received my copies I have to say the work is absolutely stunning. I am blown away, lost for words.

As editor of the Great Western Society magazine Great Western Echo I shall devote much of the book review space to this in the next issue, published in late January. I appreciate it may well have sold out by then and I'll include that caveat, but it's just so good that I have to give it exposure it deserves.

A true master work that is unlikely ever to be surpassed in railway publishing. It sits right up there with (and even above) Decline of Steam and Each a Glimpse.

Amazing, well done, congratulations!

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas – I doubt whether my family will see much of me as I'll be buried in Never Again!
Just received the book(s). Stunning quality and well worth the price. Really looking forward to reading them, they will give many happy hours. Thank you so much for producing them.
My Copy of "Never Again " was safely delivered today. After a quick glance through just one volume (It’s a Christmas present from my wife) I can sum it up as a "Bloody Fantastic" collection of images in a superb and befitting format.

Congratulations to everyone who has made this possible ...... simply wonderful.
Received your books. Quite superb, you deserve success with this publication. Well done.
Just to let you know the pack of books arrived first thing this morning, thank you so much I have sent them to Santa for Christmas reading. Thanks again for all you did to give steam a suitable send off in 1967 & 1968. Thanks to your clandestine efforts we ALL had some excellent views to commemorate the end of an era.
Have just received my box set of 'Never Again'. Am struggling hard to contain my excitement. I hadn't checked your website for a few weeks, so I was not expecting it to be sent out until 10th of this month. The arrival of the Parcelforce van set my pulse racing and it has hardly slowed since then.

The 4 volumes are now waiting in the slip case daring me to rip off the shrink wrapping. I think I will stick to my plan to put them aside until Christmas. I decided to do this when I discovered that the books would be sent out in December. I usually buy a few books each year and put them away until the big day. The delay in your books' production unexpectedly provided the ideal opportunity to supply my annual Christmas treat, except this looks like being the best Christmas treat by far, providing I can resist temptation for the next few weeks.

The books and their case look superb, even though they are still unwrapped. The packaging is very impressive too! A far cry from the plastic envelope that is sometimes the only protection that some second-hand books have when they fall through my letter box, invariably bumping the corners.

I have long been frustrated by the portrait format that is adopted for so many railway photograph albums. It's a pleasure to see that 'Never Again' has a format that is better suited to railway photographs. Judging by the photographs on your website and those MNA pictures published in various books and magazines in the last half century, this should be the best ever British railway photograph album. I hope it is a match for the superb albums produced by US publishers like Norton and Abrams.

My own photographic efforts in the 1960s were completely lacking in imagination and expertise. I have the typical duffer's collection of poorly lit shots, lacking contrast, of filthy, static locos hastily snapped while I was taking part in shed bashes with the Northern Railfans Club. I never really graduated from being a trainspotter to learn how to be a photographer. If only I had been born a few years earlier. It will be a great privilege to be able to enjoy this box set packed with master shots.
Mine arrived today and I’ve had a quick look through and even with such a cursory view I can confidently say these are the finest books in my railway library, quite simply wonderful.
Thank you so much! It was a couple of hours before I could put Volume one down, every page, every picture brings the memories flooding back. What can I say, brilliant, well done. Now having seen it I know my Brother, would just love a copy. He is a fireman on a Preserved Railway, so loves Steam even more than me, if that's possible. So please accept this cheque as payment for another copy. I really am so pleased with my set. Thank you again.
After commenting on one of your archive images a couple of years ago you told me about the book you were working on. Well soon as I seen it advertised in Steam World, ordered right away that morning, it arrived last week. Unfortunately, I was in hospital for the week, so was delighted that it arrived safely. I can honestly say this is the best ever set of books published and everyone involved with producing this set of books must be more than delighted with the end result....well done.
 It is a Christmas present but I could not wait till then, so I have had a look through every book and it is worth every penny.
 I hope those few individuals that moaned about this publication on the internet prior to it being published don't manage to get a copy! 
Once again thanks for all the hard work put in to this fantastic set of books.
 Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you.

A customer, who is also a member of the Sutton Coldfield Railway Society, came striding over to me at last Thursday’s meeting to say that he thought the book was wonderful, and to pass on his gratitude and congratulations to everyone concerned.
Thank you. A stunning set of books and well worth the higher than normal cover price.
May I thank all of the surviving MNA members for such unstinting physical effort and determination in getting such a selection of pics.
Those MNA guys who have passed on- we can only remember in our prayers - many grew up to become personal friends of mine. Their skill and enthusiasm is evident for all to see.
I opened my set yesterday, albeit I have not looked at the books in any great depth yet. Initial impressions? - the content doesn't disappoint, in fact much of it is superb, with a good balance of text and pictures.
Brilliant set of books. Only 2/3rds through volume 1. Love the photos of the Waverley Route - the lighting was just different from elsewhere to produce dramatic shots. The short story on cab ride on City of Coventry at speed adds that human element to the books. Roll on vols 2, 3 and 4.
Four superb volumes: great photographs, well reproduced on good quality paper. I knew I'd made the right decision (on buying from an unknown publisher) when I unpacked the set: a box within a box and corner padding. They are one of my better buys - I'm looking forward to slowly looking through the volumes whilst sipping some of the Scottish amber nectar. Well done.
Got mine,
If you are wavering - don't. It is truly superb and more than worth the price. One of the best, if not THE best set of rail books I have ever seen.
 Almost all the shots are unpublished and the quality is excellent throughout. A bloody good read.
There are loads of stunning images in 'Never Again', too many to list, but could I just mention page 199 of Volume One, a Ken Hale shot of two unrebuilt Bulleid Pacifics emerging from Devonshire Tunnel (Bath) into Lyncombe Vale. This must rate as one of the best S&DJR shots ever taken (and I have most, if not all, of the Ivo Peters albums).
Superb books with a lot of humour in the text - were those young lads daft or what ??  - still without the likes of the Neverers (and others) we would be much poorer in the last days of steam photographic department. I'm halfway through Volume three - with occasional bursts of laughter - wife & kids saying "what's so funny about a train picture book" !!!!! If only my kids could ever experience as I did, the last days of steam here in the North West back in 66/7/8. This really is a "desert island disc" set of books !!
Just to let you know that I think Never Again is well worth the 20 years (or so) wait. It is absolutely first class - reproduction, content, writing and everything. My only grumble is the double page spreads, but everything else outweighs that criticism. Congratulations to all concerned.
Many thanks for this.
I am delighted to appreciate the excellent quality of the reproduction - and can I say that the first piece in Vol One describing the approach of the V2 brought back so many happy memories. Great days.
What an achievement!  Very well done, you must be so proud of yourselves - 20 years or thereabouts to get the book into print and then it will take another 20 years to get through it!  Even in this little village there are 2 people who have bought one, one person is in his 20s so without any memories of the era the book has generated a great deal of interest in the photographs and the memories of all the contributors.  I've had many a chuckle reading many of the memoirs, you've obviously had so much fun and here you are 50 years later and still going to Ribblehead. I cannot thank you enough for my copy, I will treasure it for ever.
The book is completed and a success, you must be proud of your achievement and to keep going to see it through is really something. As well as praise from the people who have seen the book, is people are amazed that such a book could be produced, and for others who have no interest in railways or steam. How did you get such quality? All the very for 2019.

I have had a good look through the book and it just gets better every time I open one of the volumes. A really epic publication and well worth waiting for.

Just a letter to say what a marvellous set of Books by the MNA. Quite different to most Railway Books, the clarity of the photographs, just great and worth every penny. And reading what you chap’s got up to in those days. Yes, lovely Books, and I will cherish them to my dying days. Still got a lot of reading to do, so many thanks giving us a chance to see these wonderful pictures.
It was this weekend before I caught up with Roger and collected the copy of Never Again you so kindly reserved for me.

I will try to avoid the repetition of comments you have heard before like ‘Stunning’ and ‘Best Ever’, so let me just say that Roger’s enthusiasm and recommendation was not over the top. It will be some time before I can claim to have read from cover to cover, but just dipping in is already addictive! The quality is simply superb.

I liked the covering note, the books will indeed give me great pleasure. Some sadness too that the scenes depicted are Never Again. A sad loss.

With kindest regards and many thanks for letting me share your passion through the photography of the MNA and the books.
Many thanks for the Never Again books How about a five-volume re-print!
Wow….! It has been worth the wait. I never got further north than Manchester in the 1960’s but I did 18 months on the shovel at Worcester and Honeybourne in 64/5. Love the photographs on the climb to Chipping Campden…was not expecting any W.R. content. I’m now back on the shovel at G.W.S.R Toddington, great! A big thank you for all your efforts in getting this epic publication done and dusted, it is a landmark in railway history.
Thank you for the superb volumes of “Never Again” books – First scan and they look absolutely wonderful.
Many years ago I purchased:

Decline of Steam
Each a Glimpse
And Gone forever

I still have them in mint condition. Now in my eighties – my first railway book for my 15th birthday was C.J Allens “Titled Trains of Great Britain” (15 shillings) I’m now going to drool over the “Never Again” volumes. My Best Wishes for 2019
It's a total masterpiece, the photography is fantastic and the tales hilarious and well detailed. Volume 3 is the best - judged purely on the quality of the photography and not being influenced by favourite lines, loco types etc.
I already am enjoying The Book……! It’s wonderful.  A serendipitous meeting with a fellow modeller put me onto the collection and I would have been very cross with myself had I missed out on a purchase. Totally my fault for not partaking in whatever media the MNA chose to announce the publication.  Other enthusiasts of my acquaintance who for various have chosen to miss out on this opportunity will I’m sure rue their decision in a very short time indeed.  Thank you all again for putting together the times of your youth for fellow rail enthusiasts and photographers to enjoy.
I have just finished Vol 4 of Never Again and I must say that all four volumes brought a smile to my face with amazement and joy at the quality of the photos. I first heard of the MNA when I bought ‘London Midland in the Fells’ by Derek Huntriss in 1986, a colour album published by Atlantic. This was, as you know many years ago. I, therefore had no hesitation in ordering ‘Never Again’. I’m sure there are many more anecdotes, because, although you took your photography seriously, you never lost your sense of fun. My efforts at photography at that time were ‘Boys Team’ compared to you all and your efforts are so full of atmosphere that they brought back so many happy memories. I can see that all the efforts and, no doubt, heartaches in getting the final result published was absolutely worth it. Please convey my heartiest congratulations to all concerned. The work is on a par or possibly superior to: Anderson, Gifford or Peters, to name a few luminaries in railway photography. Thank you all for these fine memories and I hope you sell or have sold them all!
The books arrived safely this morning and, though I have not had chance to have a good look at them, they certainly seem to be excellent – well done. Many thanks for your patience.
I got the 4 volumes of Never Again for Xmas and can I just say how absolutely marvellous and poignant they are. I have just about finished reading them and will start again with Vol 1 straight away.

Along with Colin Gifford`s books they are the best ever and the only ones to properly capture the atmosphere and times on the railways in the 1960`s. I was born in 1955 in Normanton West Yorks and only just caught the end of steam but spent most weekends until the early 70`s chasing what there was on railrovers and using free passes from my dad`s job as a driver at Normanton,Wakefield and finally Healey Mills. Sleeping for nights on end at Perth station comes to mind on a Scottish Railrover apart from one night when we overslept and ended up at Dundee where the police took exception to us! The books have inspired me to write down my own memories meagre though they will seem against those in the books. Luckily I still have some of my spotting books.
Thanks and yes the books ordered by Roger are being very much enjoyed - fantastic!!
I just write to confirm that “Never Again“ arrived today. I have only had chance to have a very brief look through volumes 1&2 but they look absolutely magnificent. Very well done to all concerned with the production of these books which I will enjoy looking at time and time again.
Thank you for the delivery of my copy of Never Again No. 531. It has exceeded my expectations. It is superb. The pictures take me back to my days of when I used to fire Oliver Cromwell on minor jobs like the Chelford shunt (we were allocated anything in those days even Bahamas with a tender like a colander leaking everywhere) as well as going over the Pennines, often using the Micklefield Loop and the single bore tunnel at Diggle, with tanks for Leeds. I was a fireman at Stockport Edgeley in the sixties. Apologies for my ramblings!!
Today the packet arrived. It´s a great work and many thanks to you all for being at the right time on the right place and printing this fifty years on. A fantastic reminiscence to the old days after these fifty years. Sadly I arrived not before 1988 in the UK. Though even some of the MNA spots are well known by myself. For example vol. four page 11.
Having only heard about your publication after Christmas, I was delighted to receive it today – and what an amazing production it is! I have only just begun to scan the pages, but what a truly impressive set of volumes it is. Thank you.
Only had a quick look but first impressions very good, a period of total immersion reading required!
Received the book set three weeks ago – what a triumph! Exceeded my expectations. Particularly interested in the stories and escapades of the individuals concerned. Well done!
The books have now arrived in NZ - just about gave our post lady a hernia. Fantastic books - a great effort.
Book received and it is truly superb, many thanks for sending so promptly. I will do a good review, please feel free to use when it appears.
I have just opened the box of books "Never Again" limited edition 405 that I bought from you. Can I say what a wonderful record it is of some of the master neverers  photographic work assembled together in 4 superb volumes. Their physical work is legendary as now is the photographic evidence. Thanks again and I am so pleased to have been able to invest in this worthwhile project.  Thanks for reading this testimonial to your work. Thanks again.
The four volumes are now received, many thanks. Parcelforce are, sadly, notoriously unreliable in our area and it took six phone calls to rearrange delivery (they had not really tried to deliver and had not left a card!) However, the wait was worth it, the books are everything I could have wished and then some more. Pride of place on the bookshelf. Congratulations to all those involved in their production.
Further to the emails below, I am most pleased to confirm receipt of my order for "Never Again". I am absolutely delighted with it. The quality, the photos, the text, it is just brilliant and so well worth the wait. I now look forward to many hours of this testimonial to your work. Thanks again.
Thank you for the book Never Again, it arrived safely. My customer has received it today and has asked me to thank you for the superb quality of the book. He is very pleased with it.
Thanks, well worth the wait & congratulations on a superb set of books.
Thank you for the book Never Again, it arrived safely. Well Christmas has indeed arrived early!

Expressed interest over one year ago and paid for it six months ago so, whilst not actually having completely forgotten about it, nevertheless it was a nice surprise for it to be actually delivered to my front door.

Unfortunately, I was born ten years too late to have any real appreciation of latter day main line steam but can relate to many of the locations - in particular the West Coast Main Line in Cumbria and the Settle & Carlisle.  I very much remember the large print of Dillicar troughs on the wall in the Junction Hotel at Tebay.

I do not buy many railway books as I have become more discerning over the years and there is only so much book shelf space.  However, when Never Again was first advertised it caught my attention and I took a bit of 'a flyer' and expressed interest in it.  I am glad I did.  This is a superb set of books printed and bound to a very high standard indeed.  That is before we get to the actual content which is a stunning record of 1960's steam on BR and made so much more interesting by the in-depth narrative accompanying the photography.  There is so much to absorb here.

It must have taken a colossal amount of time and effort to produce this and to this sort of standard but the result is difficult to fault.  I am not aware that the final years have ever been recorded elsewhere in quite this way and in due course this is surely destined to be one of the epic railway publications and a collectors item.

I offer my congratulations to all involved in 'Never Again' and for achieving such a spectacular end result - now off to immerse myself in Volume 2......
My set arrived last week but held off opening until I returned from a weekend away.  What a treat!  Superb reproduction and sheer quality throughout.  Even the packaging was 1st class! Very well done to all involved; a real triumph worth every penny and destined to become a collector's item (if not already!)
Thank you for your e-mail. I appreciate the offer of a replacement slipcase, but really, it isn't necessary. The main thing is that the books are in excellent condition and I am so very pleased with them. I agree with you that posting a replacement empty slipcase - no matter how well intentioned - is 99% likely doomed to failure. What I will do is have a local craft shop make up a customised black leather slipcase (with silver lettering) and it will look very nice. I have used them before to make up slipcases for my own books where they form a little 'series'. All that remains is to offer my congratulations to all involved in the NEVER AGAIN project. An excellent job!
I managed to stagger back home with the Never Again set. Having briefly gone through the volumes, I have to say I am staggered at the quality, depth and value for money. Looking through the set, how on earth you did it for the price I don’t know. The quality of reproduction, binding and print quality are superb. To be honest, I would gladly have paid more for this. Like you, my favourite loco was the LMS Duchesses. My particular favourite was the early Polmadie locos, 6222, 6232 etc. My totally favourite picture so far is the picture of the Speedometer at 98 mph. How the photographer held the camera at that sped speaks volumes for his skill. This set has gone to the top of my �must read�. And I look forward to many enjoyable evenings reading the volumes. To be honest, I am about 60% through the first volume. I couldn’t put the book down. An absolute triumph of publishing. Congratulations to you, Tony and the others. I would have no problem recommending this to anyone, but to Duchess fanatics in particular.
I purchased your excellent book in January and I have just finished the last Volume. I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed all four books, they are quite superb. The photo’s as I expected are brilliant but the stories are also just as good.  Unfortunately, I was born a good ten years too late otherwise I am sure I would have been part of what you all got up to.

I have stories from the 80’s & 90’s chasing up and down the country but nothing to be compared with the antics you guys got up to, I am so envious. All four books are a superb read each with their own take on different areas, I particularly liked Volume 4 as it went into detail about each of the MNA members and the equipment they used. How they got such quality pictures is beyond me.

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say, I will read the books again and again and they will be on the shelf alongside my Dads old Treacy, Gifford an Blenkinsop books.
Just a quick note to congratulate you and your fellow MNA members for a fantastic set of books. A remarkable document of the period with superb production values. Each A Glimpse used to be the one but Never Again surpasses it by a long way, in particular in the quality of reproduction. Well done all.